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If you are looking for a way to explode your sales, grow your audience and take things to the next level, dive into the Entrepreneurs Growth Club today – I can’t wait to support you! 

Charlie Day Sales

Get Started With Sales Now

I have a range of courses available for you to purchase so you can make a start on improving your sales straight away!

The best businesses in each industry are the ones who focus on sales. In all of my businesses that I have run I have put sales at the front as that is what has driven all my businesses forward.

You can be in the top 2% of businesses in your industry by doubling down on your sales. You will be shocked at the results you get in such a short time by focusing on your sales.

Back in 2019 I started setting goals around my sales targets, I think the BEST salespeople are goal oriented and this has been life changing for me.

So let’s transform your sales today!

The Entrepreneurs Sales Lounge

Do you ever feel like you could do with a cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way, giving you motivation and stopping you from procrastinating?

Well, that is what The Entrepreneurs Sales Lounge can offer you. Step inside the lounge and you will be surrounded by the most SUPPORTIVE team of business owners.

Each month there will be:

    • two new trainings
    • troubleshooting call
    • weekly coffee mornings to catch up

We’re in this together

We will support you every step of the way, celebrate your wins with you and helping you achieve your goals. Plus I will be there, in it with you, to help you grow and scale your business and make more sales. You can ask me anything!

Surround yourself with the right people, and your business will bloom, and that’s what The Entrepreneur’s Sales Lounge is all about.

Fly Higher Mastermind

I’m taking things up a notch, are you ready?

My mastermind for ambitious entrepreneurs who are already running a business and are ready to supercharge their sales and take their business to the next level.

It’s a nine-month mastermind where entrepreneurs work with me in order to achieve great things.

Supercharge Your Sales
Work with me 1-2-1

Do you want to nail your sales strategy? Then this is for you!

I’ve helped countless small business owners to supercharge their sales.

We will double down on your sales strategy, looking at your offerings and your sales process, as well as your numbers, marketing and conversion.

We will analyse your numbers, overcome any problems in the sales process and tighten up your sales strategy.


Do you want a speaker who will motivate and help create more sales within your businesses?

In just an hour I can give you the tools you need to create more sales.

“Everyone is motivated after a talk from Charlie Day.”

I love talking at events, people go away from my talks with the tools and motivation to make more sales within their business.

Those who have seen me speak call me “inspirational” and say “her energy and enthusiasm lifts the whole room” and “everyone is motivated after a talk from Charlie Day!”